WowMii is a business development community for high-performing diverse and women led companies. We help to develop these quality startups by providing access to capital, high quality education, mentorship, advisors, training and support. We work with top startups in all areas of technology; To include but not limited to fintech, edtech, healthtech, fashiontech, media/entertainment-tech, and foodtech. Startups will be able to participate virtually or come to New York City for our scheduled events. WowMii selects startups on a rolling basis. WowMii does not require any equity for acceptance into the community.
Eric Hicklen MBA MSEd
Eric is a serial entrepreneur with a background in accounting. He's also an advisor and motivator to startups an aspiring entrepreneurs. Eric previously owned several franchises and a business consulting company. Eric's mantra and now company slogan is "Make yourself available for opportunities."
Dominique Aubry MS.ED
Dominique is a lean startup expert who has worked with thousands of entrepreneurs on customer discovery, product validation, growth strategy and operations. Dominique cut her teeth in startups working for Lean Startup Machine while they were in the global accelerator TechStars.
We offer office space in Manhattan to allow you to build team continuity and easily access all the resources that the city can offer .
We source mentors year-round to always provide a continual resource to our participants. Prior to our cohort launch we also search out additional mentors that are tailored to our cohorts needs. No company is the same and not every mentor works for every company. We want to make sure that you make all the necessary relationships possible for future success.
We know that one of the main reasons you want to join an accelerator is to get investment to grow your company. We understanding how difficult this can be for any startup especially as a minority based business. We spend tons of effort cultivating an investor community that not only believes in your product but also believes in you. We look to find investors on the leading edge who comfortably believe in your business making it easier for you to find investors, advisors and partners.
Unlike many accelerators who simply have mentors come and speak we take business education to a whole new level. We focus on all the issues founders deal with from equity decisions, building a team, finding advisors, lean testing, marketing, storytelling and more. Many accelerators operate as if everyone has the same business know-how but we know that simply isn’t true. We want to make sure that every person that comes through our accelerator learns the business of his or her business inside and out.
One of the biggest hurdles in building a business is growing your team. Whether you need a CTO, a project manager or sales support. We help you think through your hiring options and support you in recruiting new employees. In the startup world it is all about the team, and we want to make sure that you have an all-star team.

If you are interested in building a world-class company in the center of the universe, or just want to help other startups, join the WowMii community.

Join the WowMii Community to take your business to the next level.

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