WowMii Ventures is focused on bridging classic computing applications to quantum computing.  We will do this by investing in startups in areas of technology that we think can operate on a hybrid platform of classic computing and quantum or converting to full quantum computing.  Focus Areas: Artificial Intelligence (Ai), Machine Learning, Financial Technology, Logistics and Security, SAAS, Healthtech/Life Science, Pharma, Enterprise Software, Edtech and Consumer goods.  Additional focus: Quantum Software As A Service (QSAAS) and Quantum Computing As A Service (QCAAS).  Studies show that quantum computing as a service (QCAAS) and quantum software as a service (QSAAS) will grow and lead in technology innovation through the remainder of this decade.  If you are ready for the future, WowMii is for you.

Venture Development

With our partners and advisors, we provide top tier assistance in legal, accounting, marketing, PR, operations, strategy, and partnerships. These areas are essential in developing viable businesses.  We also work with our partners and advisors to provide technology consulting and research, this includes but is not limited to computer software/hardware, content distribution, data management/storage and management and outsourcing.

Marketing & PR
Strategy & Partnerships

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